Eco-Friendly & Toxin-Free Makeup

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Do you like to lather poison on your face? “No” is definitely your answer, but the truth is, you’re doing it every day. Most of us are applying toxin-filled beauty products to our bodies daily, and even though the European Union has outlawed most of these toxins, they’re A-okay in the good ‘ole U.S.A.!

And until U.S. regulatory agencies (ahem, FDA sux) get their minds out of their pockets and put their hearts in the right place, it’s up to us to keep ourselves informed.

From hair to skin care products, we’re all practically swimming toxins like parabens and phthalates, both of which are known to cause reproductive problems or birth defects. But thankfully, there are plenty of resources to help you learn about and find safe products.

My favorite is Skin Deep, a vastly informative website and cosmetic database with the chemical lowdown on 69,000 products on the market. Skin Deep’s website offers tons of helpful resources, such as top tips for safer products and this handy pocket guide to buying safe cosmetics.

Today I’d like to offer up a great toxin-free and eco-friendly makeup source: Everyday Minerals. This socially responsible company makes high-performance mineral makeup and other cosmetics without all the icky toxins.

I’ve been using their loose mineral makeup base for years and I switch up the colors I order throughout the year to better match my seasonal skin tone. They have tons of color options, and you can even order a sample set of five colors for just $5 to find your match. I love keeping the other colors to use for shading and mixing, so it’s a great deal. Plus, if you order anything else, you’ll get those five samples for just $1 to cover the shipping cost.

I also love their blushes, eyeshadows and translucent finishing powders.

The 'Luminizing Sunlight Powder' makes your face look fresh and bright, as if you were kissed by an angel.

Have you tried any toxin-free or eco-friendly beauty products?

I’ve tried a ton over the past seven years. Some were duds. Some were God’s gift to makeup while being kind to Mother Nature. I prefer the latter, and I won’t settle for anything less, so I’ve gained some patience in trying out the duds. I’ll keep sharing the stellar products, like this amazing mascara!

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