Grape Chia Kombucha

on Oct 06 in Blog by Michelle Whitmer

I’m a big fan of kombucha. While I usually only drink around a third of a 16-oz. bottle at a time, I can feel effects from such a small dose. I naturally don’t like to drink much more than a third for a serving, and from what I’ve read, it’s best to drink kombucha in moderation. Until more scientific studies are published on the safety and potential benefits of kombucha, I’ll be consuming it occasionally and in moderation when I do indulge in the delicious drink.

A number of celebrities and many natural health gurus swear by the health effects of kombucha. Stores like Whole Foods carry the product – but kombucha was hard to find in Summer 2010. Rumors of a GT batch that contained higher amounts of alcohol caused the product to be pulled off shelves, but the hiatus from health food stores was short-lived, and GT changed their product to reduce the chance of alcohol spikes in batches.

GT founder wrote on the product line’s Facebook page: “The ratio of probiotics has been changed. The number has not been reduced, rather the probiotics that facilitated the increase in alcohol has been lowered while the ones that don’t were increased. This is achieved by a difference in the way the product is cultured (fermented). The taste will be slightly softer than our ‘Original’ line.”

I personally think GT’s kombucha line tastes the same, but I haven’t tried all the flavors, so I can’t speak to all of them. My favorite is still Strawberry Serenity, a refreshing blend of strawberry juice and that distinctive kombucha flavor. But I totally indulged in the healthy appeal of the chia seeds in GT’s new Grape Chia kombucha and I loved it!

I opened the bottle and noticed it wasn’t as fizzy as most kombucha brews (which is something I love about the drink). I took a sniff and my first thoughts were: “OMGoodness, this smells just like grape juice!” There really isn’t any vinegary smell, which surprised me. I took my first sip and thought, “AND it tastes like grape juice!?!?”

Those chia seeds are definitely noticeable, but the texture is super smooth and almost slippery, so the chia seeds just float on down the throat as you swallow. I’ve tried one other drink with chia seeds suspended in the mix and I loved it, so I was somewhat primed for the texture.

Just imagine how many chia seeds there are in one bottle! Ingredients run only three-deep: organic raw kombucha, raw chia seeds, and concord grape juice. Although, the label does list one other ingredient: “pure love!!!” (Yep, those three exclamation points are included on the label.)

I look forward to trying this flavor a few more times to get a better feel for the effects. I certainly love the energy and mental clarity that come from drinking a small amount of kombucha, but the drink is not for everyone, so I’m including a disclaimer that the FDA hasn’t confirmed the health effects of kombucha.

However, I can’t remember the last time I had a good reason to trust the FDA. Those scurvy shysters. ‘Nuff said there for now.

If you’re interested in giving kombucha a try, or are looking for a yummy and sweet version because you picked out a gnarly, earthy, vinegary flavor (some of the original or green superfood blends can be pungent), give the Strawberry Serenity flavor a whirl!

Bonus Tip: Many swear by kombucha for hangovers!